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Importantly he still admires the talent and commitment of his former teammates as his team becomes Netapp-Endra in 2013 and embark on a season to ride cycling great classics and tours. It should be noted that Dean explained in the National Media at the start of the year that he was never offered PEDs during his Pro Career and nor was he ever made feel inferior due to the imposing of a performance expectation that could send a man of principles looking for a dirty short cut. He thanked all the teams he had been involved in for the respect they showed their riders in such a cut throat business; and stress to the public that the sport does have riders that are talented disciplined athletes who are deserving role models.   


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Dean Windsor has joined Australian NRS Team “Suzuki Bontrager” in 2013 in a mentor role, but the Charles Sturt University Graduate also plans to move back into the work force to get a bit more Authenticity and Veracity in his life. Although his actions could be taken as something of a personal stand against those that have hijacked the sport due to their own greed; he remains a cycling fan and hopes to move into an environment where he can assist others in their cycling endeavours rather than the unhealthy preoccupation on yourself that can occur in Pro-Sport.

Dean Windsor is a Professional Cyclist whose Career is on hold in the aftermath of the Drug Crises. After 6 years in the Pro-Peloton based in Belgium, Britain and Spain – Windsor has returned to Australia in 2013 somewhat disillusioned with the sport given the scale of drug cheating that allegedly transpired during his career.


Strangely his 2012 season based in Girona, Spain, was one of his most enjoyable, with his Endura Racing Team leading the European Continental Circuit for much of the season. Yet the dirty secrets unearthed in the investigations & admissions at the end of the season has soured the Bathurst Professionals respect for the sport, and he found it very difficult to retain his enthusiasm to push-on in the wind when it seemed so many competitors were taking shortcuts


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